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Replacing a worn out rear-end is a costly repair in almost any situation.  Decisions on whether to replace a worn differential with a new unit, a rebuilt unit, or a quality used differential.  In any of these cases most people will consider the current value of their vehicle, how long they intend to keep it, and the general overall vehicle condition.

No matter what your situation, considering the cost savings of a quality used differential should be a factor to consider when it’s time to replace a worn rear end.  In many cases A1 Light Truck Parts has quality, low mileage units in stock, ready for installation.  All of our differential undergo a stringent inspection to make sure they will perform worry free for years to come, and in the unlikely event there is a problem, A1 Light Truck Parts offers 90 to 180 day warranties on many of our used rear-ends.

Computerized Used Rear-End Locating Services

A1 Light Truck Parts is your home for finding quality used differentials and other used auto parts. Avoid the high costs of repairing your vehicle by using good quality OEM used auto parts. Recycling serviceable used rear-ends and auto parts has always been a good option for vehicle repair, and it’s popularity has grown in recent years as people look to lessen their carbon footprint as well as save money on costly auto repairs.

Shopping for a used differential to fit your vehicles specifications can be a tough undertaking and can be very time consuming. It often entails sitting down to place several calls around Portland and even regionally to find the one place that has what your looking for. At A1 Light Truck Parts you won’t experience this. We have a computerized searchable database of all parts we have in stock for quick search, and in the event we don’t have what you’re looking for, we belong to a vast Nationwide Network that allows us to search for your particular rear-end in a national database. Call us first, save time and money. You’ll be glad you did.

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